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5 décembre 2010 7 05 /12 /décembre /2010 10:45

Hi there,


I had two cakes to make for yesterday.

One for a little girl, Thylane: the theme was Angelina Ballerina.

And one for a boy, Estevan: the theme was Mr & Little Miss.


Let's start with the first one:






This is made with three chocolate cakes: two really dense chocolate cakes and a lighter chocolate yogurt cake with chocolate chips (white & black) in the middle.

then filled with white chocolate cream and finally vanilla buttercream to cover it all.

As i have been stuck in my house for three days because of the snow, I did not have the necessary ingredients to do the recipe I am used to do for the chocolate cakes.

Trying new recipes is great, but not when you are making a cake for a client! This was scary as I really wanted them to taste great! But from a message I got: they seemed really happy with the cake!


DSC 0085




















I had to make stars and little flowers. The colour scheme was really simple: white, pink and dark pink.

And I made Angelina Ballerina with metal structure.


DSC 0077


The letters are made with Funky alphabet cutters, which are great for children's cakes.



For the second cake, I was given the following theme: Mr & Little Miss.

I already made in the past a Mr & Little Miss cake so I wanted to make a different one.

I decided to make the cake in the shape of Mr TICKLE.




DSC 0104-copie-1



I had a lot of fun making this cake.

The cake is made out of three vanilla yogurt cakes filled with a milk chocolate cream and covered with vanilla buttercream.


DSC 0102


I used the Funky alphabet for the name and the number.


DSC 0110


The kids seemed to have loved it!


I am really happy because all the orders I am getting are for children's cakes and they are all different.

I was worried that people would only ask me for the same designs but not at all.


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