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6 février 2011 7 06 /02 /février /2011 13:44

Last week, I was lucky to be able to spend few days in England for a course at the Squires Kitchen's International Cookery School. 

I followed an intensive Professional Chocolate Wedding Cake course with Master Chocolatier: Mark Tilling.


The course was amazing! We learned SO much!

As well as learning great recipes for cakes, ganaches, glaze...we learned a lot about cacao and cocoa itself: from the moment it grows to the moment you can buy it as chocolate drops.


We also learned all the basics of using chocolate: from tempering, to making cigarillos (which I really CAN'T make!), using chocolate transfers, making chocolate roses........


We had to finally use everything we had learned to make a professional looking chocolate wedding cake!






The bottom tier is an 8-in Chocolate Genoese Sponge and the top layer is a 6-in Chocolate Guinness Cake.

They are filled and covered with Chocolate Ganache. Sugar syrup was added on each layer before the choclate ganache.


DSC 0077-copie-1


We then stacked both tiers and then covered them in a mix of Cocoaform and Sugarpaste.

Finally, when all the decorations were ready, we poured Chocolate Glaze over the entire cake.


 DSC_0011-copie-2.JPG    DSC 0013













  I decided to top my cake with a bunch of Roses made with Cocoaform.


DSC 0115


I covered both tiers with white and dark chocolate slates decorated using Chocolate transfers.

And finally, as i failed really badly at making gigarillos, I just made miniature ones to put between both tiers.


The course taught me SO much that I have decided to go back as soon as possible to follow the Intensive Professional Wedding Cake Course. This course is always fully booked few months in advance so, I will have to wait at least July or August!


If you want to follow a course somewhere (and have the money to do so), I would really recommand attending the Squires Kitchen's International Cookery School: http://www.squires-school.co.uk/

The school is situated in Farnham, Surrey.




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Bravo !


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