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20 septembre 2010 1 20 /09 /septembre /2010 22:18

My little boy turned five this month and I obviously had planned a pretty big & special cake for him!

I spent a lot of time planning it all but my son had his own ideas and he was pretty determined to have a MARIO Birthday Cake.

How could I say no...???


So, here it is:




This cake was really a lot of fun to make as I played Mario on my Nintendo as a kid.

Having a DS now, with Super Mario Bros on it, was pretty cool: it meant that i was able to check elements for the cake by playing the game!


DSC 0366DSC 0356






The hardest bit: MARIO himself!


Making that little figurine out of sugarpaste was really hard.

It probably took me longer to make Mario than to make the rest of this cake!










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