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28 novembre 2010 7 28 /11 /novembre /2010 13:09

The past two weeks have been crazy: As half of what I do is Vegan, I was supposed to participate to PARIS VEGAN DAY.

I spent the past two weeks preparing for this event which is taking place today.

And YES, I am not in Paris but at home....

On friday, I had to cancel everything as the weather seemed really unpredictable. Living in Brittany, the risk of not arriving in Paris was quite big and I would have lost a lot of money (hotel, prepared food...).


And, waking up this morning, it seemed that I had taken the wright decision: DSC 0068-copie-1




DSC 0073


I also had to make a birthday cake for this week end.

And, same thing: the snow decided otherwise....

I made the cake but, the people who ordered the cake had to cancel.

Doesn't matter: I will be making it again for next week-end!


The order: a SPIDERMAN birthday cake for a little boy called ANDREA who was turning 5:







 The cake is make with simple vanilla sponge cakes filled with organic vanilla buttercream and organic raspberry jam. 


DSC 0129

DSC 0134




















   I tried to create a little story: Spiderman just caught a thief.


DSC 0150

View from the top




The good thing about all this: I do not need to redo the characters: just the cake itself.

And I get a chance to make an even better one!


I also have two other cakes to make for saturday: Angelina Ballerina and Mr & Little Miss!



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