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6 février 2011 7 06 /02 /février /2011 12:59

Hello there,


After over a month of complicated and extremely busy time, I can finally concentrate on my cakes!


I had an order this week: three elements to include: a little boat, a dog and an island.






The main element had to be the boat.

The boat was made with sugarpaste and the dog and the base of the tree with cocoaform/sugarpaste.

The rest grass and leaves were made with vegan buttercream.




This cake was a bit of a challenge but not for the same reasons as usual. The difficult part was the inside of the cake itself.

It had to be a "charlotte poire-chocolat". This is made with chocolate mousse, pears and soacked biscuits.

Not really ideal as a structure! and it had to be vegan....

It was an exciting challenge.


I found a great little recipe for a Vegan Chocolate Mouse.


Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe:

2 x 12 ounces boxes silken firm tofu (2 x 340g)

10 oz finely chopped bittersweet chocolate (280 g)

2 tbsp agave (or maple) syrup

1 tsp vanilla extract



Melt the chocolate over a double boiler.

Drain the water from the tofu.

Place of the ingredients in a Mixer and mix until smooth and combined.

Refrigerate for at least an hour.


It really tasted great. I wasn't sure about this recipe to start with as it is based using TOFU, which can easily overpower the rest of the ingredients and taste slightly strange, even more for people not use to eat it.


I actually added more vanilla extract than indicated. More like a TBSP instead of a TSP.....and obviously by accident!


To make the whole cake: I took the biscuits, soaked them in Pear syrup, then i placed them at the bottom of the tin and on the sides. then, I added one layer of chocolate mousse, one layer of pears (oven baked) and one layer of soaked buiscuits and then the same again.

I left it in the fridge for few hours for it to set properly before covering it. 

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26 décembre 2010 7 26 /12 /décembre /2010 16:00

 With this Xmas cake I made for a lovely woman & her daughter, I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


The theme: a Yule Log.

It is the traditional French Christmas cake.






This was made with Coffee cake layers filled with a salted butter caramel buttercream. 


DSC 0131

DSC 0132



















The idea: Santa taking a nap under the snwo, after cutting some wood.




 This was a really simple little cake but I really enjoyed making it.


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26 décembre 2010 7 26 /12 /décembre /2010 12:52

For the 23rd of december, I had to make a birthday cake for a little boy named YAEL.


The theme: TOY STORY & CARS.


I had to think a lot about how to make these two themes work together on the same cake. I didn't want to just make two cake toppers and put them on top.


The idea: BUZZ lightyear getting Cars figurines and a race track for his birthday.






This was made with chocolate cake & chocolate chips layers filled with chocolate ganache.


As you can see, we have the name and age made in the same way as TOY STORY, the cake itself represent the desert and Route 66 from cars and finally the toppers:    



DSC 0091












 We have the birthday present filled with pieces of a race track and the PISTON Cup and BUZZ Lightyear playing with Lightning MCQUEEN and the other two race cars from the movie (I have forgotten their names now!)


I really wish I had more time to make this cake.

I thought my idea was great but poorly executed.

The main character didn't look great and the rest of the cake looked empty.

But I did not have enough time to remake it all and I had to deliver a cake.


I think Yael was happy anyway (i HOPE so...).

You live and learn, don't you...

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20 décembre 2010 1 20 /12 /décembre /2010 20:21

I work SO hard on preparing this market that I was expecting a lot from it!

But, as always, it just did not work out as I expected.....


After important snow falls during the night leading to the day of the market, we could not get out with our car!

We tried to call so many times the organizer to see if the market was still happening and to let them know that we were going to be late. But NO answers!

When we finally got out, we went to the place where the Xmas market was meant to be but.......NOTHING.....there was nothing at all, so we went back home, thinking that it had been cancelled.


Few hours later, after learning that it might have been moved somewhere else, I finally managed to get hold of another phone number for the organizer.

They had moved the market but did not call anyone.


By the time I got there (after "fighting" on the phone to get a space), we were jammed in a corner at the entrance where everyone was stuck trying to get in or out and they did not really look at what we were showing and selling. And we could not put up anything to explain what the products were, .... Most people did not realise that they were cakes...




the positive thing: few people seemed really interested and took a business card.


Anyway, let's not dwell on it and let me show you my little creations:




The Xmas Cake




This was a simple vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and covered with sugarpaste.


DSC 0052-copie-1

DSC 0049



















The idea behind the cake was: White Xmas. At first, I was going to make a plain white cake with a snow-covered tree and white royal icing designs.


DSC 0043-copie-1


Then, the first night, I don't really know why, I just made a snowman, then a reindeer and finally Santa.


DSC 0041

They looked really cute! 


DSC 0057-copie-1

DSC 0019

 then I added the presies and I pipped some "snow" everywhere.






DSC 0069


This was also a simple vanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla buttercream.


DSC 0071-copie-2





The head was made like a cake pop: I mixed cakes crumbs with vanilla buttercream, left it overnight in the fridge and covered it with sugarpaste.



The rest, his nose, his ears and his antlirs, were all made with sugarpaste.










Finally, a little picture of one of the chocolates bags with my new LOGO!


DSC 0076



This week, I have to make few chocolate boxes and two Xmas cakes and a Birthday cake (CARS + TOY STORY)


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10 décembre 2010 5 10 /12 /décembre /2010 19:59

This week, I had to redo the Spiderman Birthday Cake I made two weeks ago (I did not take any monre pictures as the first version of the cake was better than the second one!) and I also had to make a CINDERELLA birthday cake for a 5 years-old little girl: Mathilde.





   I really tried to make her look like CINDERELLA. Not a perfect replica but not far!

DSC 0158

  DSC 0163














 This Birthday Cake is made with three layers of Vanilla yogurt cake filled with vanilla buttercream and organic strawberry jam.




This week-end is the Xmas market on my son's School.

I have been making Xmas Chocolates with the help of my neighbour.

I did not even think of taking any pictures! But I am making some more tonight so I will post some photos tomorrow! 

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5 décembre 2010 7 05 /12 /décembre /2010 10:45

Hi there,


I had two cakes to make for yesterday.

One for a little girl, Thylane: the theme was Angelina Ballerina.

And one for a boy, Estevan: the theme was Mr & Little Miss.


Let's start with the first one:






This is made with three chocolate cakes: two really dense chocolate cakes and a lighter chocolate yogurt cake with chocolate chips (white & black) in the middle.

then filled with white chocolate cream and finally vanilla buttercream to cover it all.

As i have been stuck in my house for three days because of the snow, I did not have the necessary ingredients to do the recipe I am used to do for the chocolate cakes.

Trying new recipes is great, but not when you are making a cake for a client! This was scary as I really wanted them to taste great! But from a message I got: they seemed really happy with the cake!


DSC 0085




















I had to make stars and little flowers. The colour scheme was really simple: white, pink and dark pink.

And I made Angelina Ballerina with metal structure.


DSC 0077


The letters are made with Funky alphabet cutters, which are great for children's cakes.



For the second cake, I was given the following theme: Mr & Little Miss.

I already made in the past a Mr & Little Miss cake so I wanted to make a different one.

I decided to make the cake in the shape of Mr TICKLE.




DSC 0104-copie-1



I had a lot of fun making this cake.

The cake is made out of three vanilla yogurt cakes filled with a milk chocolate cream and covered with vanilla buttercream.


DSC 0102


I used the Funky alphabet for the name and the number.


DSC 0110


The kids seemed to have loved it!


I am really happy because all the orders I am getting are for children's cakes and they are all different.

I was worried that people would only ask me for the same designs but not at all.


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28 novembre 2010 7 28 /11 /novembre /2010 13:09

The past two weeks have been crazy: As half of what I do is Vegan, I was supposed to participate to PARIS VEGAN DAY.

I spent the past two weeks preparing for this event which is taking place today.

And YES, I am not in Paris but at home....

On friday, I had to cancel everything as the weather seemed really unpredictable. Living in Brittany, the risk of not arriving in Paris was quite big and I would have lost a lot of money (hotel, prepared food...).


And, waking up this morning, it seemed that I had taken the wright decision: DSC 0068-copie-1




DSC 0073


I also had to make a birthday cake for this week end.

And, same thing: the snow decided otherwise....

I made the cake but, the people who ordered the cake had to cancel.

Doesn't matter: I will be making it again for next week-end!


The order: a SPIDERMAN birthday cake for a little boy called ANDREA who was turning 5:







 The cake is make with simple vanilla sponge cakes filled with organic vanilla buttercream and organic raspberry jam. 


DSC 0129

DSC 0134




















   I tried to create a little story: Spiderman just caught a thief.


DSC 0150

View from the top




The good thing about all this: I do not need to redo the characters: just the cake itself.

And I get a chance to make an even better one!


I also have two other cakes to make for saturday: Angelina Ballerina and Mr & Little Miss!



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9 octobre 2010 6 09 /10 /octobre /2010 18:06

Last week was my little niece's birthday.

She turned 2! Already!

I really wanted to make something special for her.

While trying to find the perfect idea, I stumbled upon some of my son's books: Mr Men & Little Miss.


I also found a Mr Men & Little Miss toy so I went for that idea.


First: The idea: I wanted to tell a story, or stories: I wanted to have few characters interacting with each other.


Second: finding which characters to make???

There are so many! So i just chose the ones me & my husband loved the most as kids.

Mr BUMP, Miss NAUGHTY, Mr TICKLE, and so on...


Third: Spending a long time wondering what to put on top of the cake. I knew I wanted her name, and her age, and I wanted it to look simple and cute.


So, here is the result:


DSC 0092


 And here are the stories:


DSC 0086


First story: Miss NAUGHTY laughs as Mr BUMP falls.


DSC 0102 - Copie



DSC 0107 - Copie 






 Second story: There is not really a story here....just Mr SMALL and his house on top of the valley.









DSC 0121 - Copie







 Third story: Mr TICKLE tickling Mr GRUMPY, who is clearly not finding it funny!









And finally, the top of the cake:


  Simple little colourful cubes.



DSC 0179

The inside of the cake was made out of 3 sponge cakes filled with white chocolate cream and covered with fresh strawberries.


The things my niece loved the most: the cubes! we had to hide them as that's all she wanted to eat

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1 octobre 2010 5 01 /10 /octobre /2010 22:01

Hello there,


Finally: it's THE WEEK END!!!!

I have been waiting for this all week!

But the week is far from being finished! I have a birthday cake to make tomorrow for a little girl turning 2.

The theme: Mr Men & Little Miss.

I'll post some pictures of the finished cake on sunday.


I also had to do a BEN 10 Birthday Cake for a 7 year-old boy this week.




This little boy asked me for a BEN 10 Alien Force character on top, which is, in my opinion, harder to do.

So, my BEN 10 looks kinda strange really :(

He has a pretty BIG nose...really big hips...and a rather tight vest....




Despite all the fuck-ups, the kids loved it!

They all knew that it was BEN 10 on top of his OMNITRIX.

And they pretty much ate it all.


The base of the Omnitrix was made with a vanilla sponge filled with white chocolate ganache.

The rounded top of the Omnitrix was also made with two sponge cakes but this time, filled with white chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate ganache.


Once again: I struggled with the sugarpaste! I can't make it took look flat and smooth when put on the cake.

I am going to try a new technique tomorrow with the Mr Men & Little Miss cake. Hopefully, that one will work.


Another thing: despite BEN 10 being a cartoon character, like MARIO, I thought MARIO was way easier to make, or at least to make it look like MARIO.

BEN 10 looks a lot more realistic as MARIO is far more cartoony with more bold features. He is like a caricature.


Anyway, it's a learning process ;)

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25 septembre 2010 6 25 /09 /septembre /2010 20:05

Hi There,


Last week, I made a cake for two old friends of our family.

The cake is called MIRK POT as it is a representation of their house (which is called Mirk Pot) and of themselves.


The cake: the house, is made with two yogurt cakes and two chocolate cakes, filled with chocolate ganache and covered with fondant.


Everything else is made out of fondant or buttercream.


2 - Copie


 They live in a cottage in the middle of the woods. The cottage is a listed building from the 17th century (if I remember correctly) and the wood surrounding them has actually being planted entirely by them. There are flowers and plants everywhere.
















A lot of things in this cake are really personal to those two people.

I used to go there every year on holiday as a child, and this is as I remember it all.


They seemed really surprised and really happy when they saw this.

They looked at every little details and they seemed really pleased that I had incorporated all these little elements: The red squirrels (for the past few years, they have been helping to save the Red Squirrels as they tend to be killed by Grey squirrels), the little birds (they come every morning to eat in front of the house), the giangantic tree with the squirrels house, the bench, the bushes, the plants, the Pine trees, ...and so on...

I have to say that being able to make a cake like this, so personal, was trully something!


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